magazines: they are a medium
to provide the information necessary
educate the public, swaying their
opinion one way or another.

They also are funded by
Advertisements, plastered with
poses of celebrities so that
we feel obligated to purchase
the product they are pushing
(like the drug game).

Who wouldn’t want to buy
makeup that Gabrielle Union
wears, CUZ I know those
brush strokes
will transform the face
into hers.

But forget about all of that
for a moment. The perfume
Advertisements are the

Strolling through the aisle
of endless reading material:
men mags, workout mags,
female mags, garden mags,
cat mags, dog mags,
government mags (boring),
economic mags (more boring),
cooking mags, Oprah mags,
celebrity mags, rumor mags,
entertainment mags, regional mags,
farming mags, religious mags,
cigar mags, sex mags,
so on and so forth;
but coming from where I come from,
this provides an opportunity:
free cologne–tear the pages of
out of the magazines
(with their free samples)
and you have yourself
a year’s worth of good
Directions: Rub page onto skin.

Straight ballin’.

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Recently moved back to the States after living 16 months in Vietnam. I write to remove the thoughts trapped in the cobwebs of my psyche before the spider envelopes me whole.

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