Here I am,
Where am I?
I’m stumbling around the parking garage
looking for someone,
to get me home.

Finally, I come across an elevator
and hit the down button

I wait
it arrives,
I drag myself in and hit every floor.

someone has to be on one of these

floor after floor after floor
after floor
and nobody…

I reach the bottom (the first floor, not rock bottom; already there);
and there are the security guards
who have apparently been watching
on their security cameras,

Heiijd;kf tka;ixh dk home…is what I say.
They sigh and shrug their shoulders.

So, I begin to wander, as I often do
in these situations (all too often situations).

After a few blocks of stumbling,
I have set my eyes on the
perfect suspect;
a step, at a building.

That night, I slept on a step
like a homeless person
with vomit all over myself;
I’m anxious to do it all over again.

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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