being sober is the most useless
state of emotion imaginable,
for a life that is meaningless.

if you think your life means something,
wait until the evening,
with no clouds,
stare at the stars;
that’s right;
you don’t mean shit.

so let’s all get fucked up,
enjoy the moment,
and for that moment,
forget we don’t mean anything,
and memorialize it.

my version of love

the fleeting moment of lust
lasts 75 years; destroying
the definition of fleeting.

your every curve belittles
the twists and turns of the
most magnificent engineered

your lips, full and sensual,
wet and smooth,
raze me, while simultaneously
raising me to new heights.

and in my lowest moments,
you’re there,
to lift me up, and
prevent me from demolishing

factory work

the “safety” goggles leave imprints
on my nose and forehead,
but i chug along, putting the
pieces together, into the box
along the assembly line,
staring at the clock on the wall,
looking forward to the first break
of the day. (vape time)

the break alarm sings its disgusting melody
and we all head back to our positions:
scoop, wrap, package, tape, cut;
scoop, wrap, package, tape, cut.

fuck it;
cut my wrists,
tape my mouth shut,
package my body,
wrap it like a mummy,
and scoop shit and dirt on my dead carcass.

fertilizer for the next proletariat in line.


caffeine to wake me up
caffeine to keep me awake
(god damn, you’re boring as fuck)

caffeine to keep me focused
caffeine to keep me energized
(you are the most boring fuck)

cannabis to calm me down
cannabis to slow my heart rate
(you are becoming less boring)

cannabis to make me laugh
cannabis to put me to sleep
(nope, you’re still boring as fuck)

i have no middle ground;
highs and lows.
why be the median,
when you can be the outlier.