driving on a road covered by dangling tree branches
and its heavy foliage, heading to a lake unknown,
where I’ll swat away ticks and mosquitos and provide
rolled cigarettes to the onlooking stupefied deer.

her head tilted to the right, gazing
at the deer (hence, why they’re stupefied),
while the wind seduces her scalp;
i’m enchanted by the way her hair dances.

we arrive at the destination, where the lake
water appears wetter than usual;
my gut tells me that it’s the sunshine
that joined me on the voyage.

unabashedly, i clutch the star
and all of her celestial body,
(flawless at every curve, joint, bone, nerve, thought, follicle, and word)
and despite my irreverence,
she embraced it…all.

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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