front desk motel service

sir, I get it.
you’re on hard times
and can’t afford to pay
for another week at the motel
(as drool piles up at the corner
of your mouth, like a moth cocoon).

ma’am, i’m so sorry
to hear that you’ve been
kicked out by your abusive
boyfriend and that the police
won’t do anything about it
(as your breasts sludge around
exposed outside your tank top).

listen, i hear ya,
the bed bugs are a mother fucker
but the problem is that your entire
look tells me that you brought those
fuckers into the room
(as your eyes shut during middle
of conversation as you’re rocking
back and forth, unable to stand
up straight).

okay, i’ll compromise:
all of you get the fuck out of here…
unless you have drugs to give me.

they all stayed another week.

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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