midnight darkness under the oak

the darkness under the cover
of the oak during the midnight
is summoning my presence.

i won’t realize its intention(s)
until my arrival, which will be
i always listen to the darkness.

the crescendo of the orchestra
begins its ascent to the depths of
notes, that rattle my empty soul.

i’ve reached my destination,
cold, gloomy, and black.
seeps in through my pores.

apparently, i had become too kind,
and needed the re-up on iniquity:
thank you, darkness, for the reminder;
sometimes, i forget my true purpose.

a story while walking

the sidewalk has usurped
her attention from my story.
not that i can blame her;
it was a boring ass story.

the rocks, the cracks, the roots,
all exposing the holes in my
life as if the pieces i pulled together
have finally started to break.

the remnants of trash builds up
upon the crevice of the curb
and street, which illuminates
every crumb of regret my life
has to offer to someone’s story.

she continues to fade away,
consumed by the stories of
the sidewalk and although i
attempt to re-capture her thoughts,
she goes forth, eyes to the ground,
…BOOM! she’s hit by the SUV
i was trying to warn her about;
bitch should’ve paid more mind to my story.

untitled rhyme poem 9,202

i’m entirely battle tested
despite being rested
bed bug infested,
i protested
the projected
in favor of the
invested and the folks
who’ve been bested
by the people who should’ve
been arrested
(and eventually molested).

You guessed it.

you texted,
then sexted,
your beautifulness, i digested
and now fully erected,
i can hardly breath;
fully congested
and highly crested.

i consider myself the luckiest guy
that i was elected
to inject
into the most protected
and perfected
of Queens.
i’m in favor of going
fully undetected…
only, of course, if you said it;
but that pussy…
you know i wrecked it!

dry to wet ducts

no drops, no tears
for years and years
and years
and years.

and now i’m flooding the
banks of my singularity,
floating upon my self-created
salt lake city.

salty, salty, i’m so salty,
still leaking;
water level rising;
still afloat.

impossible to drown in my sorrows
considering the salt keeps me
buoyed up above deathly oxygen
levels; time to add some pepper to
the mix, so i can experience
the very bottom of the water,
as the sand fully encompasses my
body; a true wet marinated death.

i’m gonna make some shark very happy;
not often they get a 5-star gourmet meal.

cosmic love

our universe of love
started with a big bang
and although other galaxies
planets, humans, and animals
existed within this cosmos,
all that mattered was that the


between us was impenetrable.

then the stars realigned,
the magnetism dulled,
a comet punctured our atmosphere;
a black hole emerged.

eventually, the vacuum of emptiness
will place us back upon a land mass,
where our gravity of love will reunite
and we’ll have a second big bang.

corporate arrival

gate opens only after the badge
gratifies the electronic reader;
not covered from the Florida

the parking garage;
the sidewalk walk;
head down
firmly in place.

the deep silent sighs
aren’t as silent as they seem.
eyes set upon the elevator floor
thirty seven floor buttons pressed
(what is this life?)

I’m here:
suit, professional mannerisms,
styled hair, detailed beard,
straddling the borderline of insanity
and madness;
they both may fully envelope me.

but who knows what this 21 year old boss of mine
will decide for me today;
let’s hope a heart attack dictates the outcome.

the laugh

bellowing through the chambers
was the echo of your laugh,
which had me entranced
and addicted;
turns out, there is no cure.

it haunts me
it soothes me
it’s a paradox
that can never be answered.

as the wind caresses the leafs,
your laugh flutters my heart
generating palpitations,
and so a leave of absence
from life is the only option.

as a coconut dangles from
the palm tree, so close
to ripeness;
my heart flaps around
the chest, overripe,
worn, and descends to its

your laugh would kill a clown.