untitled aged poem

the money has run out;
my age has turned the corner
of acceptable youth;
the wrinkles, the hair, the teeth
are all starting to act their age.
perhaps, this has all been
exacerbated by my habits,
and some wonder how I am still alive
considering the amount of foreign
substances that i’ve consumed.

for a man, there is a moment when
young women begin to look better
than they used to and one starts
to question where these women have
been your entire life; but they’ve always
been there; you’ve been too busy
being innocent and now that you’ve aged
and experienced the shittiness of life,
you recognize the innocence in young
women (and you also wonder how innocent
these young girls are, with these outfits
they wear in high school…hmm…women
are always outsmarting the man; I guess
it’s not that difficult considering we’re all idiots).

damn, if only i had saved some money,
took care of myself, perhaps i’d have a woman
in my life, but then again, what else would i
be writing about…

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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