a story while walking

the sidewalk has usurped
her attention from my story.
not that i can blame her;
it was a boring ass story.

the rocks, the cracks, the roots,
all exposing the holes in my
life as if the pieces i pulled together
have finally started to break.

the remnants of trash builds up
upon the crevice of the curb
and street, which illuminates
every crumb of regret my life
has to offer to someone’s story.

she continues to fade away,
consumed by the stories of
the sidewalk and although i
attempt to re-capture her thoughts,
she goes forth, eyes to the ground,
…BOOM! she’s hit by the SUV
i was trying to warn her about;
bitch should’ve paid more mind to my story.

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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