a relationship gypsy

i spotted her from a distance,
walking in the park, on her cell,
with one shoe on, and on the other
foot, no shoe or sock; i wondered
where her cigarettes were.

there she was, strolling on the sidewalk
with a cigarette in hand, in front of
an infamous strip club, looking worn
and torn from the brutal Florida weather.

she seemed to be practicing for the
summer olympics for speed walking
(not sure why that’s a thing)
but with very short shorts and a shirt
three sizes too small; belly poking
out enough to notice (certainly, not pregnant).

i instantly fell in love with all three of these
unique women. i had to stop. i had to know them.
i instantly fell out of love with all three of them
$120 later. it was time and financially prudent
to move on…and to visit the health clinic.

goals are important

i watched you as you stumbled down the street
with your blue bandana and red Reds cap tilted
to the side; k. dot would be proud,
but you wouldn’t survive in a real city.

so i jump in my car; turn the key a few times,
pump the gas, and it finally starts;
i drive by you slowly, and throw out gang
signs with my pale pink skinny fingers
(and since i don’t know any gang signs
and you obviously aren’t a gangster,
we look like two deaf people having
an inarticulate Donald Trump argument,
as if there is such a thing as an articulate
Donald Trump argument…whatever).

after our brief encounter, i u-turn
back to the house feeling that i accomplished
something today and proceed to drink my cheap
bourbon as my reward; i love fulfilling daily goals.

faithful follower

i watch a commercial;
i buy that product.

i watch a sports game;
i buy that jersey.

i see a bumper sticker;
i vote that way.

i hear a radio spot;
i go there.

i see books…i don’t know what to do…
an original thought…human rights…
global economics…geopolitics…
i see paintings…what do these mean…

ah fuck it! i’ll continue to follow;
life is much easier that way.


the power cord is plugged into the wall socket
not into any electronic device.

i’d love to be recharged wirelessly
all of these problems drain me, constantly.

an addict mother;
an absent father;
one follower.

it’s difficult to describe invisible scar tissue,
but if you had the capability,
you’d see my heart was fully encrusted
with a history of pain and heartbreak,
but, alas, if you had that capability,
you might be able to see beyond my crazy;
ha! living in a fantasy world would be fun.


without you, life is desolate.
l lay in bed, as if i’m physically injured
and unable to get ready for the day.

this life without you is dark and cold,
and worst of all, dull and boring.

won’t you come back to me;
can’t you return to me;
i need you like the needle needs skin.

if you think i was thinking about you,
i wasn’t.
if you’re praying that this is about you,
you can stop now.

there is only one you,
and i never had it,
but i felt like i did once:
POWER (there is no greater feeling).

alone, but not alone alone

All alone,
surrounded by hundreds,
feeling the pressure of the oncoming
and although people envelope my presence,
i’m glued to the cougar who has usurped
my attention.

[i’m deficient in:
minerals, vitamins, emotions,
health, sleep, love,
according to my friend who isn’t
a doctor, but says one doesn’t
need to be a doctor to see my obvious

sorry about that aside,
back to this cougar;
i dove deep into the depths
of her vivacious animalistic desires,
devoured, eaten, pleasured,
and now i’m driving a jaguar.
it was worth it. i don’t see the problem with prostitution.