the blinders prevail

he had traveled near and far;
thousands and thousands of miles
to and from, here and there,
but still a philistine at all levels.

he was incapable of picking up
the lessons and experiences
that accompany travel; hell bent
on not going to hell.

the blinders were never removed;
facts and intelligence weren’t
allowed entry into his brain;
they would only do damage to
his skewed view of the world.

disavowing his children was the
easy part for him, as they didn’t
factor into his twisted lens of
the reality of the world.

he parted ways to this planet,
living out in the sticks,
no neighbors around to convince
him otherwise. it was his choice
and since he truly believed it,
it must’ve been true.
and besides, i think i saw it on the internet too.

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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