minny, but not disney

i enjoyed walking on the sidewalk through the
red light district, or was it the blue light district;
either way, i enjoyed the ‘dancers’ on the rooftops
smoking their cigarettes and other rolled products
preparing themselves for the sweaty indignation
that should’ve been hibernating, but were awake
and hungry and willing to pay for a meal.

the atm fee was nine dollars, so i took
out sixty just to make it an even keeled number
and one that could hopefully bring me good luck,
but that’s how loose i was after ten whiskey’s,
five stellas, a pack of loosey’s, and … i can’t
remember what else, but pills were definitely

she played Rihanna, and as i peered around
the room, it was obviously just for me,
so my money went directly to her;
whispers in my ear; body parts in my face.
i have no grace in these moments and no control;
kicked out; went too far; stumbled to my hotel room.
six tissues later; i forgot about that night, until just now.
it’s funny what drinks will do for your memory.

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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