my queen of spades

i play my cards close to my chest
but I made a wrong turn
and ended up along a river
in Omaha.

she caught me staring;
(the one-eyed jack)
she could tell I had a tale to tell.
there is no limit to this love;
i was the king;
her, the queen;
the perfect pair.
i’m flushed;
she has my heart,
so I got her a diamond.
i’m all in; paid for the check.

and then we made another turn,
and here comes this joker
and then I was clubbed
by her, the shark.

love started to fade
even though we’ve been
sippin’ on Ace of Spades
eatin’ on kobe filets.

i’m hi, i’m low, i’m raised,
i mucked, i folded,
i was bluffed.
shot in the back.
at least that’s the way I told it;
Dead man’s hand;
well played, my lady.

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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