arbitrary emptiness

void; I feel empty without your connection,
similar to a Bright House wireless connection,
the signal is faint and needs at least one reboot.

this arbitrary feeling of emptiness
can’t be filled with a simple hello;
not even a touch or a picture or something more intimate.

i fool myself into believing i’m not lonely,
but just alone, when in fact,
i could fill my empty heart with the number
of victims slain in the name of religion.

i miss you. i think about the possibilities.
we all make these arbitrary choices and
stick with the outcomes because of what
outcomes will occur with a change in those
arbitrary secondary decisions.

how do I move on? where do I go from here?
you’ve created more questions than answers;
yet, there is something mystically majestic about this path…
of course, i just wish it was easy.

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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