the three half-walls and the grey dress

surrounded by three grey half-walls;
this cubicle suffocate my ideas;
my boredom is soaking this ergonomic chair;
the cabinets don’t even lock.

the standing desk has me peering for any
woman that will catch my attention;
ahhh, now there we go;
i love having the printer in open view
of my unfurled air “office.”

grey dress; red stilettos; olive colored skin;
brunette hair with slivers of light colors;
bright red lipstick with a face that screams
“fuck the living fuck out of me!”

what other reason would i come to this
place of work five days a week;
to look at grey half-walls?
no, it’s to look at grey half-dresses.

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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