the fake interview

“what are you even writing about?”

I don’t know. I just strike the keys
with such violence that words populate
from the force; besides removing staples,
it’s the only other thing that makes me

“what do you want from your writing?”

I mean, I do this for my mental health.
If I had to choose one thing, I’d say
I want a trillion dollars.

“what would you do with a trillion dollars?”

I’m assuming that’s a rhetorical question,
but nonetheless, I’ll answer. I’d do trillionaire

“who would you say are your biggest influences?”

I appreciate the question and it’s an easy one for
me to answer (in no particular order):
Shawn Norris, Delana Richie,
Jessica Colon, Jilian Kolesa, Sophine Wade,
Andrus Bennett, Mike Fortenbery, Lynda Ferrari,
and many
more…too many to mention.

“i’ve never read any of these folks; who are they?”

Oh, well, I just needed to tag a few people so
that my website hits 5,000 views today. That
should do the trick.

Love y’all!

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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