mondays…let’s go to a six day week

fuck! the car won’t start again.
fuck! i’m gonna be late, much to my chagrin.
fuck! the repairman says the timing belt is jacked.
fuck! i have no money and my credit cards are maxed.
fuck! i have no more sick days to use.
fuck! i have no more excuses to use.
fuck! i can’t keep track of my lies.
fuck! i hope my shitty ass ex dies.
fuck! i just want to go to sleep…
and never wake up again, like my car,
unless the timing is right, and i have all the money,
and i never get sick, and i only speak the truth,
and i’m back together with my ex…
fuck! who am i kidding? my life is fucked;
especially with lazy ass fuck shit monday poems.

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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