liquid bullets

the $100 product is dejected in my
perfectly coiffed hair with strands
out of place screaming for uniformity
all because of the Florida rain that
descends with incredible intensity that
makes Hitler’s rain of bombs over
London feels like sprinkles.

for most, the rain produces a calming
effect, but for me, i need at least twenty
anti-anxiety pills to calm me down from
the pelting that thwarts the windows and
the roof threatening to break through
and infiltrate my skin to melt it away,
not because of witchery but because i
am pure and the rain consist of every particle
that it captures on the way down from the clouds
to drip, drop, and suck every positive particle
form my filthy skin; my filthy filthy skin.

turns out, my grimy skin beads up the devious
downpour of rain; it runs scared; never encountered
such a devilish armor; what a beautiful thing;
scared, devilish, angelic, misery, lovely…
all mixed in one; special is incredibly subjective.

Published by


Recently moved back to the States after living 16 months in Vietnam. I write to remove the thoughts trapped in the cobwebs of my psyche before the spider envelopes me whole.

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