our lives can be defined in chapters, some call them seasons;
they’ll end abruptly; last too long; both for various reasons.

people we’d soon forget about may define these moments;
some left us too early; we’ll mourn over those moments.

self-evaluate as often as necessary;
other’s evaluating you is unnecessary.

not sure why I torture myself by putting this cologne on
the scent,
reminds me of every intimate,
moment with you, my bad bish.

T.urn the page.
put the book down.
stop editing.
start anew.
B.egin creating.

i should stop preaching these words all in my head.
i should start living these words all in my head.
problem is,
your scent is all in my bed, and thus, i’ll be forever
stuck in my head … while laying in this bed.

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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