my ode to you, my true

after all this time,
i’m still shedding tears in your name;
crying all the same;
it’s truly a shame.

i wake up every morning with doubt.
i fall asleep every night in doubt.
what’s this all about…
all about?

i have to stay strong,
but only for so long;
no, i need to stay strong,
so i can finish this song.

why did you fall in love with me,
couldn’t you see you didn’t belong with me?
that, i was a junkie …
and crazy,
and that’s all i let you see.

i see why you left me;
who can blame you?
i’m a beast
when I take a sip,
then a bump.
fuck, don’t worry;
i wouldn’t let you get back with me.

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Currently living in Vietnam, teaching English, fixing the world's problems.

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