(BT) In this blog, there won’t be anything sexual, something that’s a bit different to our other posts. I can assure you this, as I don’t recall anything of the sort happening, although Jonathan might remember something occurring. Either way, you won’t be hearing any dirty stuff from me this time round.


One evening during our course, it came to the group’s attention that there was an upcoming birthday. After much debate we realised that the both classes hadn’t had a proper get together.

So it was decided that we would go to a karaoke bar near the school, as most people could attend, and it was close to where we were situated.


The karaoke bar was situated in a building where you could also get a massage with an optional happy ending. Another story, another time. Myself and two others arrived first, and proceeded to book the room for the night’s festivities. Gradually more and more people turned up, until finally the birthday girl turned up. A quick cheer, and we continued with the evening. Everyone got very into the event. Songs were sung, laughter was made, and in general there was a sense of enjoyment. Most of us who sang sang without any shame, despite our off key screeching that we tried to pass off as singing. A few people surprised the lot of us by proving that they had a very impressive set of pipes.


Jonathan eventually turned up once things were well under way. Already absolutely plastered, he proceeded to make himself known as the class clown, as he began to sing Rihanna’s ‘Work Work Work’ song. In front of the group, he was making odd gestures, bending his knees and singing in a voice that whilst trying to resemble Rihanna, made him sound like a fool. Of course I had to join him for a few songs. God knows what we ended up singing/shouting.


Then again, that was the point of the evening. Those of us brave enough to sing knew that we couldn’t sing for shit. But we got up there, belted our hearts out, and had a blast. The drinking certainly helped, as we discovered that we could order beer by the crateful. Therefore we ended up drinking far too much and getting very pissed throughout the evening. By the end of the night we must have drunk 6 or so crates. Who knows. Either way it was rather a lot, but it was a definite contribution to the fun evening we had.


I haven’t been to a karaoke bar since, but I must say that I’m certainly not against going again. Although in all fairness, I’d rather go with people who I know, people who expect me to make a fool of myself. Because that’s karaoke for you.


(JDR) Where was I?  That was the question I asked myself after nearly two hours of performing for the crowd.  It may have been the largest audience I’ve ever performed for (approximately 10 – 20 people, who all adulated equally).  Truthfully, I had never performed karaoke and always said I never would, no matter how drunk I was…  Well, I suppose I should start there.


The night started off with my new Vietnamese friends, Duc and Phouc.  We were at Phouc’s restaurant, which was near the hotel I residing in during the TESOL course.  One night during the start of the course when I was still unfamiliar with my classmates in the course, I stumbled upon this restaurant a few buildings down from my hotel.  The restaurant had open seating, meaning I could eat outside under the siege of Vietnam’s friendly, but brutal, heat (even at night). I was clearly struggling with the menu, which was all in Vietnamese.  A young Vietnamese man approached me and asked if I needed some help.  It was at this moment that my experience in Vietnam would forever change.


The stories with Duc, Phouc and friends will come at a later time.  This is the story about how I performed karaoke for the first time.  I left the restaurant after consuming a minimum of a dozen beers (but who really knows for sure).  I decided I was going to this karaoke event.  For some reason, I feel like there was at least one other person with me, but I can’t remember for sure.  Although I had not officially met the birthday gal and spent much time with the other group in our TESOL course, I was determined to demonstrate my skills (of which, I possessed none) and maybe, just maybe, throw in some of that charm I think I possess (again, no proof it actually exist).  


Here is what I remember:  I enter the private karaoke room.  I immediately grab the microphone and say something like, “Hola, mi amor.  Feliz cumpleanos.”  Yeah, I was attempting to speak Spanish in Vietnam to English speaking folk taking a class in teaching English to foreign speakers.  I’ve always excelled at creating awkward situations and this moment was no exception.  I requested the machine (tablet) that played the next song.  What, what, what?!  Yeah, Rihanna and The Weeknd were my choices.  Other than my sweet Gucci shoes I was wearing, I have absolutely have nothing in common with these two artists, except, well, I’m sexy as fuck, and Rihanna is my future ex.  Nevertheless, I was so exhausted after the first verse (if I even made it that far into the song), I just gave up.  I have so much respect for singers after that experience.  Their stamina to perform two hour long shows that includes dancing and singing is incredible. [side bar: I’ve seen both Rihanna and The Weeknd live in concert and they were amazing.]


After I performed my fave’s, I joined in with Barney to perform more popular karaoke songs (and fuck if I can remember what those songs were).  This is what I know:  I suck at singing.  I can gyrate and distract ladies from my very unattractive singing voice.  But when Barney and I performed Whitney Houston and Bon Jovi, panties were thrown our way and we were sure to catch them with our teeth.  They weren’t all delicious (and not all women), but we still had a good time.


For those who are nervous about attempting kIMG_20170416_234755araoke, I sympathize.  But, drink enough, choose your favorite song (even if nobody else knows it), close your eyes, and sing the fuck out of that track.  For some inexplicable reason, you’ll feel good.  You might even find yourself with a new hobby.  Moral of the story:  Don’t ever be afraid to try something new; it just might be the best the decision you ever make (or worst, but at least you tried it).  Video of karaoke

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Recently moved back to the States after living 16 months in Vietnam. I write to remove the thoughts trapped in the cobwebs of my psyche before the spider envelopes me whole.

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