looking in all the wrong spots

i was looking for inspiration

everywhere –

the corner of the wall,

the random mucus on the sidewalk,

the guy pissing on the side of the road,

the fake plants that are somehow dying,

the handles on the laundry basket,

random figurines,

numbers on foreign currency,

the window washer,

the window washer’s chemicals,

the window washer’s death,

social media posts,

memories of old flames,

right and left swipes,

marijuana pipes,

but i found it where i usually do –

nowhere and everywhere

and in your eyes

and in the girl’s eyes behind you,

because one is not enough

and two is barely doing the trick,

but it’s better than the mucus

on the street …

unless that wasn’t mucus.


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Recently moved back to the States after living 16 months in Vietnam. I write to remove the thoughts trapped in the cobwebs of my psyche before the spider envelopes me whole.

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