i picked her up

at the travelling



(yeah, there is such a thing),


lines off the

funny mirrors


carnie threesomes


cotton candy bushes


fried goods


we’re all part of the session

where we learned a valuable




that some things

shouldn’t be mixed


like whips, tigers,

and orgies


nor can they be won

by tossing

oversized balls

into undersized



or aiming syrup

at the

clown’s mouth,


testing my strength

consuming the weight


flopping around in the cage


down and out

and over the hill


put out to pasture

put out to pasture.



drying up

laying here

in a sheetless bed

wanting to speak

with you

about my contempt

for everyone

and everything,


sun beaming

through the

blunt burned holed


colored curtains,


dried red cough syrup

crusted on my beard

and pillow

and face mask,


maybe it’s the cheap wine

and unfiltered smokes,


or the three kids and four dogs

balanced on the speeding



that have led me to this point.


but i’m starving for your

attention and approval


so while i wait for a sign,

not just your sexy

glances and smiles,


I’ll run to the local

convenience store

for some instant noodles

and a boiled egg


and more cheap wine.



KL written by HS

Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it’s affectionately known as, is one of those cities that has it all. It’s culturally rich, teeming with life and full of possibilities; whoever you are and whatever you’re into, there’s something for you. The city is energetic without being chaotic, and developed without being totally westernised. Plus, there’s a […]

via 5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Kuala Lumpur — How Far I’ll Pho

untitled poem #51

marinate my beard

shoot me in my heart

slice my chest open

rob my shadow,


I thought on the back

of the bike

in the middle of the intersection

blinded by shining




and blue



i wonder if you taste

like kumquat tea?


put me in a talking wheelchair

equipped with intellectual


so i can figure out

what you’re thinking about


as an added bonus,

know more about black holes.

(believe me, you’d be thankful.)



cure an addict

i’m addicted to

awkward situations



loud noise in an

empty room,


upsetting people,


making people miss me

after i said i missed them,


loving someone



fighting with someone

that i’m not in love with,


just so i can fill

the void





what only you can fill.