Writing your NYR’s for You

my New Year’s resolution

is to give you some


don’t give a fuck about

another’s opinion,

love your decisions;

stop trying to please

other people,

love yourself first;

feel what you feel

and love it;

love who you love

and love them;

live your life for you

and love it;

all that stress

you think you have

doesn’t really exist,

let it go;

remember that

someone else always

has it worse than you,

love your problems;

stop wishing for a

better New Year,

love your experiences;

those negative

people in your life,

let them go,

love your existence;

embrace your uniqueness,

you’re different,

love it;

and for all the

mutha fuckin’ haters

in life,

go fuck yourself,

love the motivation

you provide

for others.