your tongue envelopes

me like

tsunami tidal waves;

everyone should run for cover.


the crest of your lips crash

on my lustful heart;

my emotions run for shelter.


the arch of your back

breaks the barrier

I built for my heart.


gripping the roots

of your hair

for dear life

only intensifies

the situation.


my depression can’t handle

the transfer of energy

you’re hurling at

my fragile self.


the aftershocks have

me booking one-way

tickets on stolen


credit cards.


there’s no return from you;

lifeboats are deflated,

I’m hoping to drown in the riptide,

so i can die on a high note.




i picked her up

at the travelling



(yeah, there is such a thing),


lines off the

funny mirrors


carnie threesomes


cotton candy bushes


fried goods


we’re all part of the session

where we learned a valuable




that some things

shouldn’t be mixed


like whips, tigers,

and orgies


nor can they be won

by tossing

oversized balls

into undersized



or aiming syrup

at the

clown’s mouth,


testing my strength

consuming the weight


flopping around in the cage


down and out

and over the hill


put out to pasture

put out to pasture.



distractions and reminders

blinking lights everywhere,


flood my devices

like a 10.0 magnitude


in the Pacific Ocean,

tidal wave sweeping

me away

into an abyss

of loneliness,

but i keep my head above water

looking for the next blinking light,

the one that is there to save me

from myself,

reflecting upon the last shot

of absinthe that took me to this spot

fortified by my hedonistic ways

and the security guard who is always there

to argue with the McDonald’s delivery guy

about the toppings on my Big Mac

and the sides I requested,

which she did without request.

lips and tongue

in spots

that are lovely

and fun.

i’ll just lay here on the patio,

smoking a cigarette

contemplating my next move;

living next to the homeless guy

sharing stories of a storied past,

with fancy socks, but

without fancy shoes.

we’ve been laced up

and tied together with ripped cloth

to remind us

of a life once lived.